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Ethical Aspects

Many organizations require you to include a statement in your proposal, which explains and documents the ethics of your research project.

You can ask the Ethics Committee of the University of Mannheim for advice to ensure that your research is ethical. The committee can support you from the proposal stage onwards.

To contact the Ethics Committee, please send an e-mail to ethik(at)

EU Proposals:

If you are submitting a proposal to an EU program, you should carefully consider the following aspects:

  • protection of personal data,
  • research in non-EU countries,
  • misuse,
  • dual use (misuse for military purposes),
  • environmental protection,
  • research involving human beings,
  • research involving animals,
  • research involving human cells or tissues,
  • research involving human embryos and fetuses.


Ethics Committee

Ethics Committee

University of Mannheim
Ethikkommission Schloss
68161 Mannheim