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Open Access

An increasing number of funding institutions require researchers to make their findings openly available. This principle of open access (OA) applies, for example, to all projects that are funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 program.

There are two OA approaches that you can use to publish your work:

  • Green Open Access: Work that has already been published by a closed-access publisher or in a traditional journal is also deposited in a subject repository or an institutional repository, such as MADOC. You don’t have to pay any additional publishing charges to do this. Rights to re-publishing work in OA resources vary. Your contract with your publisher contains specific details of your rights.
  • Gold Open Access: Your work is primarily published in an OA resource, such as an OA journal, for example. Publishers often finance such publications by applying an article processing charge (APC). The University of Mannheim has established an open access publishing fund to help researchers pay these charges.

Open Access Publishing Fund

The University of Mannheim has created an open access publishing fund to encourage free and unlimited access to research findings. That’s why researchers, who want to publish their article in an open access journal, can request financial support to help them do so. Funds are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Visit the library’s website to find out about the terms and conditions. For advice, contact Dr. Zumstein, the university’s Open Access Representative, ideally before your project begins.

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Open Access Policy

The University of Mannheim believes that open access is an extremely effective form of publishing that can be used in future to further improve knowledge sharing. That’s why, in its Open Access Policy, it recommends that academics publish their research findings using an OA approach.

To find out more about open access, contact Dr. Zumstein, the Open Access Representative at the university.

Open Access Policy

Repositories at the University of Mannheim:

The MADOC online repository

The MADATA research repository

Further Information

Open Access Publishing Fund

Open Access Policy of the University of Mannheim

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Dr. Philipp Zumstein

Dr. Philipp Zumstein

Open Access representative
University of Mannheim
University Library
Schneckenhof West – Room SN 269
68131 Mannheim