Massive Open Online Courses

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are virtual courses.  They are similar to traditional courses in terms of their content and structure: they follow a curriculum, have prescribed learning outcomes and observe mandatory lecture periods. However, the content is made available online in a video podcast. Students and teachers do not meet physically in a classroom, instead they communicate through forums, chats or during virtual consultation hours. Students can check their own progress using online quizzes and tests.

Massive Open Online Courses are intended for large groups of students. Courses take place on a freely accessible online learning platform and can be completed anywhere and at any time. This means that the lessons are not only more interactive, but also more international, as students and employees based abroad can participate in lectures and seminars without any problems.

MOOCs can be designed as stand-alone courses or integrated into other courses. You can usually use videos from MOOCs at other higher education institutions in your own course, for example. If you are interested in using a MOOC or have any questions, please contact Mr. Baldus.

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Niko Baldus, M.A.

Niko Baldus, M.A.

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