Photo credit: Staatliche Schlösser und Gärten Baden-Württemberg

Inverted Classroom

An inverted classroom reverses the traditional lecture format. Weekly lectures are replaced by online videos or podcasts that the students watch at home before going to class. ILIAS can be used, for example, to gather questions or to upload tasks. Students then meet with their teacher each week to discuss the online content, resolve any questions and consolidate what they have learned by doing exercises or mobile quizzes.  The advantage of inverted classrooms is that the students can work on the material at their own speed, and immerse themselves more in the topic.

The University of Mannheim offers an inverted classroom service to support teachers with the didactic design and technical implementation (e.g. recording videos) of inverted classroom courses. If you would like to try this course format, or have any questions on inverted classrooms, please contact Mr. Baldus.


Niko Baldus, M.A.

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Niko Baldus, M.A.
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