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Lecture Recordings

Recording your lectures and making them available on ILIAS gives students the opportunity to revise the content at their own speed at home. There are two ways to record lectures at the University of Mannheim:

  • Recordings made by the teacher

    Teachers can record their courses themselves. To do this, the university recommends using Camtasia Studio, a screen recording program which allows selected parts of a computer screen to be recorded in real-time. The recording can be started using a button in PowerPoint. It is also possible to add sound as well as an image from another camera to your recording. You can easily edit your video before uploading it to ILIAS for your students.

    You will need the following equipment to record your lecture:
    Camtasia software
    a microphone
    a USB camera or web-cam (optional)

    Borrowing Equipment Sets
    If you would like to test Camtasia, the University Computing Center can loan you the equipment (laptop, software and headset) and show you how to use it. Contact Mr. Ackermann if you would like to do this. He can also give you advice if you are planning on getting your own equipment in the long-term.

    Further Information
    Editing Recordings

    Dieter Ackermann


    Datennetz und Medientechnik
    University of Mannheim
    Rechenzentrum L 15, 1-6
    68131 Mannheim
  • Recordings made by the e-learning service

    To save time, the e-learning service in the Department of Educational Development can make the recordings for you. They set up the equipment in the room, record your class, edit the recording and then upload it to the relevant group on ILIAS for you.

    If you would like the e-learning service to record your course, please contact Mr. Baldus.

    Niko Baldus, M.A.


    Projekt “eLearning Service”
    University of Mannheim
    Referat Hochschuldidaktik Kaiserring 10-16 – Room 610
    68161 Mannheim