Teaching Award of the University of Mannheim

Given the positive response to the award in recent years, the President's Office has decided to offer the Teaching Award of the University of Mannheim again in 2020.

The purpose of the Teaching Award is to highlight outstanding teaching achievements at the University of Mannheim and to show appreciation for the great commitment of our professors and teachers. Courses involving an extraordinarily high level of personal commitment will be considered for the award, as will any format of particularly high quality in terms of didactics. Teaching team contributions and concepts testing and applying eLearning formats can also be submitted.

Proposals for the Teaching Award should be submitted to the President's Office by e-mail by 2 March 2020 at the latest, via the Center of Learning Environment Development. Your contact is Ms. Melanie Klinger.

Please find the required application documents here:


Melanie Klinger

Melanie Klinger

Leiterin der Stabsstelle Studium und Lehre
University of Mannheim
Stabsstelle Studium und Lehre
Schloss – Room EO 187
68161 Mannheim