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Tutor Training

To continue improving the quality of tutorials, the University of Mannheim provides training sessions for tutors before each lecture period starts. Institutions can choose between two training formats:

General Tutor Training
General tutor training involves a two-day interdisciplinary workshop for prospective tutors from across the university. It teaches participants the basic teaching skills needed to plan and run a tutorial.

The content of the workshop is partly defined by the participants, who can suggest topics before it takes place. Please e-mail your topic suggestions to the Department of Educational Development. Suggestions must be made no later than two weeks before the workshop begins.

Registration closes five days before the workshop begins. Between eight and fourteen participants can attend a workshop. There is a fee of €160 per participant.

Further information on registering is avaliable here in German.

Subject-Specific Tutor Training
In addition to general tutor training sessions, chairs and institutions can also organize subject-specific tutor training workshops. The advantage of this kind of training is that the content and objectives are determined by the different institutions. This means that the workshops are perfectly tailored to the planned tutorials. Please contact Mr. Oidtmann if you are interested in subject-specific tutor training or have any questions.

Tutor training components (only available in German)


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