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Secure Office Space

Protect information and devices in your office against external access

Students, cleaning personnel or third parties taking part in a meeting – there are different reasons why people enter your office space in daily life at the office. Not every person has bad intentions. However, it makes sense to protect oneself as best as possible against potential risks, e.g. unauthorized access to information or manipulation of IT devices.

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Photo credit: Anna Logue
6 steps to take for a secure office space
  • Please lock any windows and doors if you leave the office. Doors should be locked!
  • Please make sure that others cannot see what is on your screen, e.g. through a window.
  • Keep your desk clean and tidy. Please lock any confidential information which you currently do not need. The same applies to external data carriers (USB sticks) on which confidential information is stored.
  • Prevent unauthorized persons from accessing IT systems. Lock your computer as soon as you leave your desk. On a Windows computer, simply press the Windows key and L.
  • Please make sure that unauthorized persons are prevented from entering your office building. Any access permissions given should be regularly checked.
  • Please observe our General Security Advice at all times.

These 6 steps to take for a secure office space do not only apply to your office at the university but also to your home office. We also have additional notes and tips for mobile working with a laptop.

Advice on a secure mobile workspace