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Working Securely Outside of the Office

Working outside of the office can be risky! By following these steps you can work securely and remotely.

If you are outside a protected office, you need to take measures in addition to the advice on a secure office space. At public venues, such as cafés, trains or while being on a business trip, there are additional risks which should not be underestimated. In particular, you need to make sure that no information is being disclosed and that USB sticks and laptops are prevented from being stolen and manipulated.

A laptop in a public venue
Photo credit: Anna Logue
What to observe
  • While working in a public venue, you should make sure that third parties cannot access your documents and information. Please use a privacy screen for your laptop so that third parties cannot see what is on your screen.
  • You should not discuss sensitive topics while being in a café or in an ICE. Here, third parties have the opportunity to listen to your conversations or phone calls for a longer period of time.
  • Laptops, USB sticks, other office devices and documents have to be watched at all times.
  • Encrypt all your devices to ensure that others are not able to access any information in case you loose a device.
  • Please activate the VPN connection to the university network when connecting to the Internet in an external network (this also applies to your wireless network at home).
  • Please follow our general security advice.

In addition to the advice on how to work securely outside of the office, we have additional security advice on working in the office.

Advice on a secure office space