Online Attendance Tracking with Checkin

Checkin is a web application for online attendance tracking and for storing the Classroom Pass for in-person classes on the campus of the University of Mannheim.

Immediately before the class starts, you have to go to and check in to the relevant lecture hall or seminar room. If you do not have a mobile end device, you can also fill in a paper form for contact tracing. The benefit of linking the Classroom Pass and Checkin is that you have your current 3G proof (3G refers to the German terms geimpft (vaccinated), genesen (recovered), getestet (tested)) always with you on your mobile phone, tablet or laptop and can access the proof via Checkin.

In addition, you can use Checkin to search for free workspaces in currently empty lecture halls. If you use these workspaces, please check in as well.

Please note: The Checkin application is primarily for attendance tracking and is not to be used to book seats (unlike the library application where you can book specific seats).

The application is optimized for display on mobile end devices. The user interface on your screen may therefore differ from the screenshots shown here.

  • Why do I need to enter my contact information when participating in on-campus classes?

    In order to trace possible routes of transmission during the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of Mannheim is obliged to collect contact information of all participants (students, teachers, guests etc.) in on-campus classes. This contact information must be stored for four weeks in case the health authorities inquire about it. Please refer to the data protection policy for more information on the storage of data.

    The data on the event to which you checked in will be deleted four weeks after the event took place. Furthermore, all other data (core personal data, address data and phone number) will be deleted together with the last event to which you checked in (four weeks after the event took place).

  • How can I check in to on-campus classes?

    If you participate in in-person classes, you need to login by going to  before the class starts. Please follow the instructions:

    Step 1: Login

    Go to and enter your Uni-ID and the corresponding password. Click the “Anmelden” button.

    If you do not have a Uni-ID or participate in a one-time event, please login as a guest. Please click “Register” and fill in the relevant fields. The process is completed if you click “Register as new user”.

    In the next step, please enter your valid private phone number. You will then be forwarded to the start page.

    A red bar will indicate that you do not have a valid digital Classroom Pass yet. As soon as you have submitted a valid proof at the Classroom Pass Center and this proof has been linked to your Checkin profile (after you have consented), you can see your proof if you click on “Show 3G status”.  

    In the menu in the upper line, you have several options:

    • “FAQ”: This is a link to these instructions
    • “Update phone number”: Here you can update your phone number if the previous number is no longer valid.
    • “Show my data”: Here you can see the data stored for your Checkin profile and the in-person classes you attended. After the four week period set forth in the Corona Ordinance of the Land of Baden-Württemberg has expired, all attendance data will be automatically deleted. Here you can also consent to the storage of the 3G proof. Without this opt-in, the staff at the Classroom Pass Center cannot issue a digital proof.
    • “Show 3G status”: If you want to see your 3G status here, you can go to the Classroom Pass Center to have your 3G proof verified and stored.

    If you are inactive for 30 minutes, you are logged out automatically. If you want to search for free workstations or check out after a class has ended, you need to login again.

    Step 2: Check in
    After you have logged in, you will be forwarded to the start page where you will see all ongoing classes as well as classes that start within the next 60 minutes. If you click the “Other/internal events” button, you will see a list of other events.

    Please check in only if you are actually on campus.  

    Select the class or event and click “Check in” at the end of the line.

    Alternatively, you can click the “all rooms” button to get an overview of the rooms in which events or classes take place that day. By clicking on the room name, you will see all classes or events taking place in this room.

    Step 3: Check out
    You will be checked out automatically after the indicated time slot has expired. Please make sure that you check out manually, if you leave the class or event early. To check out, you need to login to Checkin and click the “Check out” button displayed next to the class or event in which you participated.

  • Where can I apply for a Classroom Pass?

    Please go to the Classroom Pass Center to apply for a Classroom Pass confirming that you have submitted a 3G proof. At the Classroom Pass Center, you can link your Classroom Pass and Checkin so that your current 3G proof is stored in Checkin and you are able to present this proof. In this case, please login to your Checkin account and check the box “Permission to store the 3G proof” in the “Show my data” section before you go to the Classroom Pass Center.

  • How can I link my Classroom Pass and Checkin?

    You can store your current 3G proof and the expiration date of your proof in Checkin. Please proceed as follows:

    Please consent to the storage of the data before you come to the Classroom Pass Center. For this purpose, please go to and check the box”Permission to store the 3G proof” in the “Show my data” section.

    The original 3G proof will be verified at the Classroom Pass Center. The staff of the Classroom Pass Center will enter your current status and the expiration date in Checkin. Neither the 3G proof nor contents of the 3G proof are processed in Checkin. Checkin only processes a characteristic confirming that a 3G proof of any kind has been presented and verified and the date of expiration of this 3G proof.

    Please note: If you revoke your consent, the 3G proof stored in Checkin will be deleted. If you have revoked your consent and then consent again, you need to go to the Classroom Pass Center to have your status verified again.

  • How can I use Checkin to prove my 3G status?

    Click “Show 3G status” in the main menu. If you have submitted a valid proof, you will see the proof, together with your name and the current time. If the 3G status of your class is checked, you can present this proof to certify that you have submitted proof of a valid 3G status (besides the paper form that is also available at the Classroom Pass Center).

  • How can I search for free workspaces in empty rooms on campus?

    Free workspaces in currently empty lecture halls will be made available to students. In Checkin, you can see the capacity and availability of such rooms. Please note that the Checkin application was mainly developed for the purpose of tracking attendance and is different from the library application where you can book specific seats. Checkin is therefore not to be used for booking workspaces or rooms.

    • Go to and login with your Uni-ID  and password or login as a guest. In the next step, please enter your valid phone number (if you have not done this yet – you only need to enter your phone number once).
    • Click the “Free work” button at the top of the events table.
    • Now you can see the capacity and availability of the rooms. Here you can see all rooms in which free workspaces are available right now or become available in the next 30 minutes.
    • Select “Check-in” shortly before you enter the room or upon entering the room you want to work in.
    • It is important that you remember to check out when you leave the room. To check out, please use the “Check-out” button which is displayed in the same column as the “Check-in” button.
    • Please note that you also need a 3G proof for using the free workstations, that you must wear a mask while using the workstations and that you may only use the marked seats.

As at: 6 September 2021