Add your Classroom Pass to Checkin

You can store your current 2G/3G proof and the expiration date of your proof in Checkin. Please proceed as follows:

Information for students: Please go to your Checkin profile and consent to the storage of the data before you come to the Classroom Pass Center. Please login to, go to “Show my data” and check the boxes “I consent to the processing of my personal data for proving my 2G/3G status” and “I consent to providing my 2G/3G status for the University Library” and click “Save permission”.

The original 2G/3G proof will be verified at the Classroom Pass Center. The staff of the Classroom Pass Center will enter your current status and the expiration date in Checkin. Neither the 2G/3G proof nor contents of the 2G/3G proof are processed in Checkin. Checkin only processes a characteristic confirming that a 3G proof of any kind has been presented and verified and the date of expiration of this 2G/3G proof.

Please note: If you revoke your consent, the 2G/3G proof stored in Checkin will be deleted. If you have revoked your consent and then consent again, you need to go to the Classroom Pass Center to have your status verified again.

Prove your 2G/3G status with Checkin

In order to prove your status with Checkin, please go to  and  click “Show 2G/3G status” in the main menu. If you have submitted a valid proof, you will see the proof, together with your name and the current time. If you get randomly checked, you can present this proof to certify that you have submitted proof of a valid 2G/3G status (besides the paper form that is also available at the Classroom Pass Center). Please have your ID card ready, in case you get randomly checked.