How to Set up an Automatic Out-of-Office Reply

You can set up an out-of-office message in the Horde webmail system in order to inform the senders of incoming messages that you are not available. Please proceed as follows:

Step 1 – Login

Login to the Horde web mail system:

You are a professor and are unable to login? Please login here:

Webmailer for professors

To log in, you will need:
  • Uni-ID (User ID)
  • and the corresponding password

Forgot your password?
Please follow our passwort reset instruction.

Forgot your password and your Uni-ID?
Please contact our support team by calling +49 621 181–2000 or sending an e-mail to itsupport We are happy to help you.

Step 2 – Rules for filters

In the menu, open “webmail” and click “filter” (sometimes you need to click on “filter” again so that you see the following dialog)

Select the filter “Vacation”.
Important information: The “Vacation” filter MUST be the last one in the filter rules list. If this is not the case, you need to move the “Vacation” filter to the last line by using the arrows at the right. If you fail to do so, the program will automatically reply to spam e-mails so that the University of Mannheim will be added to block lists.

Please fill in the relevant fields under “Basic Settings”.

Then go to the “Advanced Settings” tab and enter your e-mail addresses. Important information: Under “My e-mail addresses”, you need to enter complete e-mail addresses. The Uni-ID is not sufficient.

If you also want to set up an automatic reply for your alias addresses, please enter them in the field “My e-mail addresses”. Please use a new line for every e-mail address.

After you have clicked “save”, you need to activate the rule.