How Can I Enable the Spam Filter in the Horde Webmail System?

Step 1 – Login

Login to the Horde web mail system:

You are a professor and are unable to login? Please login here:

Webmailer for professors

To log in, you will need:
  • Uni-ID (User ID)
  • and the corresponding password

Forgot your password?
Please follow our passwort reset instruction.

Forgot your password and your Uni-ID?
Please contact our support team by calling +49 621 181–2000 or sending an e-mail to itsupport We are happy to help you.

Step 2 – Enable spam filter

If you have already been logged in to the webmail system, a pre-configured rule to enable the spam filter is listed in the filter list (usually marked as DISABLED). By clicking the button with the red cross, you can enable the rule.
If you accidentally deleted the rule, you can set it up again as follows:

  •  In the “Mail” menu, click on “Filters” and then on “New Rule”.
  • In the field “Rule name” enter the term “spam filter”.
  • Under “Do this” select the option indicating you want to enable the spam filter.
  • Check the box “Stop checking if this rule matches?”.
  • Then click “save”.

After you successfully enabled the spam filter, you see the new entry “spamblock” under “Open Folder”. Please do not forget to regularly check the spamblock folder to which the spam e-mails are moved and to delete the e-mails there. Otherwise, the spam e-mails may exceed the pre-configured storage space of 100 MB which means that you can no longer receive e-mails.