Problems with the Horde Webmail System

We collected the most common error messages and show you the settings you need to change:

An error occurred while activating the script,
answer of the driver:
{62}script errors: line 43: parse error, unexpected $undefined
A field has been left empty when setting up a filter rule (e.g. an “or” rule without content). If this problem occurs, the field should be simply deleted.
I encounter display problems in the webmail system or some functionalities are limited.The ability of older browsers to support some of the functionalities is limited. The problems often occur in the Internet Explorer, particularly in older versions (before MSIE 5.5). We recommend using another browser such as Mozilla Firefox which is available for Windows, Linux and Macintosh.
The webmail system does not open, even if Uni-ID and password are correct.This happens often when using the Internet Explorer. We recommend using another browser (Firefox, Mozilla, Opera).
I cannot see the spam folder.Click “folder” (in the icon list of the inbox view) -> “show hidden folders”. Check the box in front of the “spamblock” folder. Go to “Folder actions” and select “expand all”.
After a new filter has been set up, all e-mails are received twice.Check the box “Stop checking if this rule matches?”.
After I entered my user name and password, I am not forwarded to the webmail surface. Instead I see the login page again.This problem may occur if the time of your operating system is set up wrongly and does not correspond to the actual time.
When drafting new e-mails, autocomplete for e-mail addresses from the address book does not work.This may be due to compatibility problems with specific web browsers. Try using the compatibility mode in your browser (e.g. when using the Internet Explorer).