I Forgot My Password. How Can I Reset My Password?

Together with your Uni-ID, the password is used to verify you as student, staff member or guest of the University of Mannheim so that you can access various services, for example the wireless network or the services of your digital ID card, the ecUM.

  • Password reset with private e-mail address

    1. Go to the user administration website of the University of Mannheim: https://admdx.uni-mannheim.de/resetpass.php?lang=en

    2. Enter your Uni-ID.

    3. Enter your date of birth to request a password reset confirmation link.

    4. Remember or write down the 4-digit activation code.

    5. You will now receive an email to your private email address. Follow the link in your email to reassign your password. For this you need the activation code.

  • password reset on site

    If you have not entered a private e-mail address, please contact the IT support.


You haven't entered a private email address?

You can save or change your private email address at any time.

If you would like to withdraw the use of your private e-mail address to reset your password, follow steps 1.) to 4.). After successful registration, you can select the button “withdrawal” at the bottom of the page to withdraw your consent.

  • How do I save my private e-mail address in order to reset my password?

    1. Go to the user administration website of the University of Mannheim: https://admdx.uni-mannheim.de/?lang=en
    2. Click on password to access password management.
    3. Then follow the point: Save your private email address.
    4. Before you can continue, you need to authenticate yourself. Therefore please log in with your Uni-ID.
    5. After successfully registering, you can now save a private e-mail address.
    6. You will receive a link to your e-mail-address for its verification. Please check your spam folder in case you do not receive the verification e-mail.
    7. After successful verification, you can from now on reset your password using the email address you provided.

Is there an easy way to manage passwords for multiple function ID's?

Are you the contact person or customer for function IDs? You can manage all function IDs that are assigned to you via your Uni-ID.

  • Funktionskennung verwalten

    1. Go to www.uni-mannheim.de/password and login with your Uni-ID and the corresponding password.
    2. Go to the “password” section.
    3. Select “Function IDs”.
    4. You will see a table in which your “Function IDs” are listed. You can manage their passwords by clicking on the “change password” link.

Choosing a password

Please note the following password requirements at the University of Mannheim:
Passwords must be at least 10 characters in length (but no more than 20 characters) and must contain at least one lowercase letter, one uppercase letter, one digit and one special character.

You may only use the following characters:

  • Lowercase letters (a-z, no umlauts)
  • Uppercase letters (A-Z, no umlauts)
  • Digits (0-9)
  • as well as the following special characters: ! @ # $ % ( ) _ + – = : ; " , . ? /

You must not reveal your password to others.