How Can I Use Lists in Microsoft 365 for Students?

In your browser, go to and enter your login information. Please use Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome since these browsers have the highest compatibility with the Office 365 tools.

How can I login?
Not registered yet? We show you how to activate your user account.

When you are logged in, you will see the buttons for the available apps on the left hand side.

Select “Lists” to be forwarded to the app surface of “Lists”.

By clicking the “+ New list”, you can create a new list. As soon as you have saved your list, you can see it in the app surface.

If you want to create a new list, you have the following options:

  • Create a blank list
  • Import list from Excel
  • Create a list based on an existing list
  • Alternatively, there are templates which you can use.

If you want to create a blank list, you need to name the list and choose a storage location for this list. You can also add a description to the list and choose a color and an icon.

Now you can work on your list. If you want to invite someone to work together with you on the list, click the “Share” button in the menu at the top.

Enter the name or e-mail address of the persons with whom you want to share the list. It is up to you to decide if the invited persons can edit the list, view the list or have full rights to the list.

Information: You can only share the list with persons who are registered for Microsoft 365 at the University of Mannheim.