System freeze for Implementation of EXA-P

Downtown of services in April 2023

The University of Mannheim will transfer its current examination management software (POS) to the campus management system Portal² in April 2023. During this process, all examination details (grades, coursework, etc.) will be migrated as well. The new system is a necessary technical upgrade to further improve our student services and preparing its implementation took several years. From 1 April until 16 April 2023, the data will be migrated from the old system to the new system. All relevant (previous) systems will be “frozen” and some of them will be shut down.

The migration causes the following restrictions:

  • During the migration, all information on courses (including Zoom links) and the ILIAS contents will be visible. However, the data from 31 March 2023 will be “frozen”.
  • During the migration, we are unable to offer our usual services. This includes grade submissions, registrations for courses and examinations, issuance of Transcript of Records or degree certificates or enrollment records (also via e-mail). Re-registration on the self-service terminals or via bank transfer, as well as disenrollment or requesting an academic leave of absence will not be possible.
  • It is also not possible to book rooms during this time. Please make sure to take care of short-term bookings, for example for individual dates, before the system freezing. You should plan the fall semester 2023/2024 before or after the system freezing.
  • The grade submission deadline for the alternate examination dates of the fall semester 2022/2023 is 15 March 2023.
    Note for employees: With regard to the system freeze, please make sure to keep this deadline, so that students still have the option to get Transcripts or degree certificates before we are all unable to access the (existing) systems.
    Note for students: If you need Transcripts or other certificates, for example to apply for master’s programs, before 18 April 2023, please remember to take care of them in due time.

The Student Services and the Express Service will be closed from 3 April until 17 April 2023 (Easter Break).

Here is an overview on the services of Division II – Student Affairs during the Easter break:

DepartmentAvailable (via e-mail, online consultation hour, if applicable)Not available/ closed
Express Serviceuntil 31 March and as of 18 April 20231–17 April 2023
Student Servicesuntil 31 March and as of 18 April 20231–17 April 2023
Guest Student and Senior Citizen Programuntil 31 March and as of 18 April 20231–17 April 2023
Student Advising Center/ Changing Lanes program1–17 April 2023available
Admissions Office1–17 April 2023available
International Office1–17 April 2023available

Please keep this downtime of our services in mind and take care of important and urgent tasks in due time before 30 March 2023. 
As of 18 April 2023, you will have full access to our services on Portal² again.