Application Deadlines for the Deutschland Scholarship and the Mannheim Scholarship

The first application period for the Deutschland Scholarship has been started. Application for the Mannheim Scholarship will be possible from 1 April.

Until 31 May, all students who are enrolled at the University of Mannheim or who are applying for a master's program can apply.

In a second phase of applications, applicants for bachelor's degree programs can apply starting on 1 June. It runs until 15 July.

The Deutschland Scholarship supports students with EUR 300 per month for one year. It is financed in equal parts by the federal government and by companies, foundations and private sponsors. Not only do excellent grades count in the application process, but personal circumstances and social commitment are also taken into account. After one year of support, the scholarship can be extended by a performance review. The application for the Deutschland Scholarship is exclusively online.

Mannheim Scholarship

The application period for the Mannheim Scholarship runs from 1 April to 30 April. Scholarship holders are financed by the City of Mannheim with EUR 150 per month for one year. In addition to excellent performance at school or university, social commitment in the Mannheim region is given the highest consideration. Applicants must be enrolled at the University of Mannheim or apply for a course of study at the university. The application process is also online.