Emergency Situation in Childcare: Sharp Decline of Working Hours of Parents Expected

A new study examines the challenges that arise as a result of the reopening of the economy during the coronavirus pandemic.

Schools and daycare centers have been closed for weeks, while the economy is slowly being reopened. This causes a dilemma: To reopen the economy it is necessary that workers spend more time at their work place – something that working parents are often unable to do. Prof. Michèle Tertilt, Professor for Macroeconomics and Development at the University of Mannheim researches with Prof. Moritz Kuhn (University of Bonn) and Prof. Nicola Fuchs-Schündeln (Goethe University Frankfurt) how the lack of open childcare facilities affects the available working hours of parents. The result: The share of parents who are affected by closed schools and kindergardens is twice as high as the number of unemployed people in Germany.

Link to the study: https://voxeu.org/article/short-run-implications-school-closures

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