Photo credit: Staatliche Schlösser und Gärten Baden-Württemberg

Curt-Sandig-Haus Receives a New Name

The Bumiller Raab Foundation is renaming its student residence hall. From the fall semester on, the student residence hall Curt-Sandig-Haus will be called Bumiller-Raab-Haus. The foundation decided to rename the residence hall upon considering the results of a final thesis on the life of Curt Sandig written by a student of the University of Mannheim. The thesis demonstrates very clearly that Curt Sandig, who was the president of the State College for Economics and later the University of Mannheim, was affiliated with Nazism. He sympathized strongly with Nazi ideology, which was also apparent in his work as university teacher.

Findings of the thesis, written last year at the Chair of Contemporary History of the University of Mannheim, show that Sandig’s scientific work in the 1930s had been strongly influenced by Nazi ideology. He was much more willing to adapt his academic work to Nazi ideology than other university teachers: As a representative of Normative Business Administration, Sandig integrated Nazi ideas to such an extreme extent, that his work must widely be considered as contaminated with Nazi ideology. Although Sandig abandoned the Nazi ideology after World War II, he never acknowledged the error of his ways.

It is now clear that Curt Sandig can never be considered a role model for students and it is time to shed the name. The Bumiller Raab Foundation therefore decided to rename the residence hall after their founder Emilie Bumiller, whose maiden name was Emilie Raab. After the death of her husband, Emilie Bumiller used most of her fortune to support charitable work. Already in 1928, she had decided to fund the establishment of the Bumiller Raab Foundation. After the end of Word War II, the assets of the foundation were used to finance a large number of student accommodations in Mannheim.

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