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Gap Year in Accounting & Taxation

New pilot project in the Area of Accounting & Taxation

The subjects taxation and accounting are of high relevance for science and politics – due to the great variety of focus areas however, the distribution of students at the university is very competitive. From the viewpoint of professionals, not enough students opt for a career path in the field of taxation and accounting, even though it offers many different career perspectives and a high degree of internationality. Hence, research and practice both are facing the challenge of increasing the attractiveness of the subjects among students and identifying young talents early on. 

Looking at students’ paths reveals that they see the transition period from a bachelor’s to a master’s program as an ideal time to orient themselves and gain practical experience. But at the same time, most students find themselves in a very strict academic corset during their bachelor’s degree. Administrative hurdles make it even harder to plan strategically. 

The Gap Year in Accounting & Taxation, which will start in summer 2019 for the first time as a pilot project, is the answer to all of these challenges: With a perfectly tailored offer, the Gap Year draws students’ attention to the area of Accounting & Taxation early on. Further, it allows students to build up a professional network. Thereby the Gap Year addresses the need for young talents in both, research and practice. 

The Big4 of the industry – Deloitte, EY, KPMG and PwC – were won as corporate partners for the project, as well as the industrial companies BASF, Bosch and Merck. The companies provide internships for an exclusive number of participants. These placements are located in Germany as well as abroad and will demonstrate the complete bandwidth of the area of taxation and accounting. Interested students apply with only a single application for the entire Gap Year program, which consists of up to three internships, each over a period of four months. The program is accompanied by an academic framework program which takes place at the University of Mannheim. With hard and soft skill workshops, special lectures and courses at master level, it offers great value for the academic and personal development of participants and builds an excellent basis for a subsequent master’s program at the University of Mannheim. 

Until February 28, 2019, Bachelor students kann apply for the new program: 

Further information about the Gap Year in Accounting & Taxation can be found here.