International Winter Academy at the University of Mannheim

In January 2020, about 100 young adults from all over the world will prepare for their studies in Germany at the International Winter Academy of the University of Mannheim by taking part in language courses and exploring German culture.

The participants are exchange students at the University of Mannheim. During a four-week course, which takes place before the beginning of the semester, they learn about German language and culture. After the Winter Academy, the international participants study for one or two semesters at the University of Mannheim or at a different university in Baden-Württemberg.

For most participants, joining the Winter Academy means their first contact with Germany. The four-week course gives them the opportunity to learn about the country and its people, make new friends and explore the German mentality. While going to pubs, walking through the city of Mannheim or joining one of the numerous excursions offered (for example to the Black Forest, a theater or a soccer game of the German premier league), participants will have plenty of time to chat and to exchange cultural experiences.

Of course, language acquisition and regional studies are also part of the program. In the mornings, the participants of the Winter Academy work on their grammar and vocabulary skills in language courses, while in the afternoons, they are invited to join several intercultural trainings and seminars on regional studies, grammar, ecology and history. In order to train both the students’ mind and body, a sports program completes the schedule. Those who still have energy after working out can go out with the HuGOs (our German student mentors) to experience nightlife in Mannheim.

The Universität Mannheim Service und Marketing GmbH organizes the language program and leisure activities, the student initiative VISUM contributes to the leisure activities. The next Summer Academy takes place in August 2020. The registration deadline is 15 June 2020.

Further information on the Summer Academy