Photo credit: Staatliche Schlösser und Gärten Baden-Württemberg

“Mannheim Stays Considerate”: University Joins Campaign of the City of Mannheim

Under the motto “Mannheim stays considerate”, the City of Mannheim is trying to uphold the success in the containment of the coronavirus pandemic. The University of Mannheim has joined the campaign and is encouraging its members to be responsible with their regained freedoms.

During the coronavirus crisis, the citizens of Mannheim have succeeded in tackling many of the challenges of the crisis together. It is now up to us to stay considerate of each other in our daily lives. For this reason, the University of Mannheim has joined the #bleibMAachtsam campaign of the city and is appealing to its members to continue to follow all the precautionary measures. The central idea of the campaign is to enjoy our regained freedoms – but in a responsible manner.

So far, we have achieved a lot by being understanding and considerate: Mannheim is one of the least affected bigger cities in the south of Germany. This is a great success which we should try to uphold. The university therefore joins the city's appeal to continue to maintain distance, air frequently and, if requested, wear a face mask. This helps to keep the number of new infections as low as possible.

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