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Spontaneous Support in Times of Crisis: Now Free for Regional Grocers, an application co-developed by researchers from the University of Mannheim, enables even small grocers to offer their customers contactless shopping from home during the corona crisis.

In the current situation, it is more important than ever to avoid any unnecessary contacts that may increase the risk of transmission of the coronavirus. This holds especially true when shopping for groceries.

With this in mind, bakers, butchers, and other grocers can now use free of charge. On the one hand, this can help to stem the decline in sales of local grocers. On the other hand, using the app allows for contactless shopping in order to interrupt chains of infection.

About and “CrowdMyRegion”
The delivery network, which is operated by ciconia Software, is a regional online marketplace for groceries. People using can order groceries from nearby grocery stores and pay online. The ordered goods can then be picked up at the store or are delivered to their home in coordination with the respective vendor. In addition, the digital marketplace allows users to pass on contacts so that family and friends can also have groceries delivered to them. In this way, people whose mobility is restricted can be more easily provided with basic supplies.

With “CrowdMyRegion” the Institute for Enterprise Systems (InES) at the University of Mannheim is developing a social delivery network in cooperation with the project partners ciconia Software, EDEKA Digital, and fastahead GmbH. The research team headed by Dr. Christian Bartelt is developing an intelligent algorithm to predict the future routes of registered members who are willing to take along the groceries for other people and to provide them with tailor-made suggestions for possible supply routes.

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