Photo credit: Staatliche Schlösser und Gärten Baden-Württemberg

THE Rankings by Subject – Mannheim Is Among the Top Institutions for Economics and the Social Sciences in Europe

The University of Mannheim has achieved top positions in its core subjects in the latest Times Higher Education World University Rankings by Subject. The university has been ranked number four in Europe and number 20 worldwide for Economics, and number eight in Europe and number 31 worldwide for the Social Sciences.

Following its recent success in the Times Higher Education World University Ranking, the University of Mannheim has now achieved excellent positions in the rankings by subject, proving the quality of its core subjects, and leaving the other German universities behind. The University of Mannheim was ranked number 20 for Economics, which is three places better than last year's outcome, and is now the fourth best institution in Europe for this discipline behind the University of Oxford, the London Business School and the University of Cambridge. It’s improvement in the Social Sciences is even greater – climbing from number 55 to number 31 worldwide. Only five British universities, the University of Amsterdam and the ETH Zurich were ranked better in Europe. Globally, the University of Mannheim is competing with institutions such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Stanford, and Harvard.

The President of the University of Mannheim, Prof. Ernst-Ludwig von Thadden, said that he was extremely pleased that the university was able to improve on the already excellent positions achieved in the previous year. He explained that the university has, in recent years, consistently focused its resources on its strengths, ensured that quality was always a priority, and used international standards as a benchmark for its objectives and structures, which has now made the university a top choice for Economics and the Social Sciences, both in Germany and in Europe. He stated that an overall goal of the university is to be ranked among the top ten institutions worldwide, and this latest outcome shows that it is well on the way to achieving that.

The THE World University Ranking is the only ranking to assess research-intensive universities in their core activities: teaching, research and research influence, knowledge sharing, and internationalization. The latest ranking looked at 980 institutions in 79 countries, including 41 German institutions. The rankings are based on questionnaires completed by scholars, citations in academic publications, and statistics provided by the institutions. It has long been considered one of the most recognizable rankings in the global higher education sector.