Update Your WiFi Configurations to Stay Connected

The current WiFi security certificate is being renewed in June. If you are using the university WiFi, please update your smartphone, laptop or tablet configurations in order to keep using it:

  1. call up https://cat.eduroam.org
  2. select “University of Mannheim”
  3. select your operating system and download the profile
    1. Please note: Android users need to install the following app first: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.ac.swansea.eduroamcat&hl=de
  4. install your profile:
    1. user “KENNUNG uni-mannheim.de” [Please note: insert your personal user ID for KENNUNG]
    2. password: personal password for your user ID [Please note: If you have created a separate WiFi password, use this password accordingly.]

In case of previous installations via https://cat.eduroam.org, there may be problems with the configuration. If that is the case, remove the WiFi profile “eduroam” from your device and proceed as described above. Please make sure that you log in via a mobile internet connection or via the migration WiFi (name=WLANMigration, password=WLANWLAN).

In case of questions, you can phone the University Computing Center under the extension number -2000 or write an e-mail to rumsupport uni-mannheim.de.