The Wirtschaftswoche Ranking: Graduates of the University of Mannheim have excellent career prospects

The University of Mannheim has been very successful in the latest survey of HR managers carried out by the Wirtschaftswoche magazine. The particularly good news is that, once again, the Business Administration program has been ranked number one.

Press release, 16 January 2018
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Overall, 35.8 percent of those asked said that their expectations were best met by graduates of the Business Administration program taught at the University of Mannheim. This puts graduates of the program at the top of the ranking for the fourteenth time since 2002.

The ranking also confirms that the Economics, Business Informatics, and Informatics programs produce very good graduates, with the programs being named by 15 percent (Economics), 17.9 percent (Business Informatics), and 13.6 percent (Informatics) of those surveyed.

Around 500 HR managers from all sizes of company were surveyed by the consulting firm, Universum, on behalf of the Wirtschaftswoche magazine. The survey looks at whether graduates gain experience in project work, whether they complete modules in more than one language, and whether they are familiar with the problems in their sector and are aware of possible solutions, among other things.

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