Divisions and Staff Members

As an interdisciplinary research institute, the various chairs, divisions and institutions collaborate closely. This allows for an ideal exchange of knowledge and skills.

Since 2011, Prof. Dr. Georg W. Alpers is the Director of the Otto Selz Institute. For further requests, please contact our secretary’s office.


Kerstin Scopelliti

Kerstin Scopelliti

University of Mannheim
School of Social Sciences
L 13, 15–17 – Room 111
68161 Mannheim
Phone: +49 621 181–3489
Fax: +49 621 181–3405
E-mail: sekretariat.osi uni-mannheim.de
Office hours:
Unfortunately, the secretary’s office is closed to walk-ins until further notice. In urgent cases, visitors are accepted by appointment via phone or e-mail only. If you need to submit any documents, please use the mailbox in front of the offices.