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You can pursue a doctorate in all of the subjects available at the University of Mannheim. You can obtain your doctoral degree either through individual study or through a graduate program. On average, 130 doctoral candidates from all over the world successfully complete their doctorates at the University of Mannheim each year. 

Structured Programs
Structured programs are available at the Graduate School of Economic and Social Sciences - GESS, which is funded by the Excellence Initiative, and the School of Humanities, which provides the Graduate Program, "Formations of the Global".

Research Colloquiums or Doctoral Seminars
Individual doctoral study is the more traditional path to a doctorate in Germany. In this format, early-stage researchers are supervised directly at a chair. Ideas are exchanged with other doctoral candidates during research colloquiums or doctoral seminars. 

Good to Know

Ombudspersons at the University of Mannheim mediate between doctoral candidates and their supervisors if disagreements arise. Find out more about good research practice at the University of Mannheim.


Doctoral Studies in Mannheim

Have you already started your doctorate? Or, are you thinking about pursuing a doctorate? With coaching sessions, writing workshops, breakfasts for junior researchers, and much more – the University of Mannheim can advise and support you in all phases of your doctoral degree. You can find further information on the Doctoral Studies in Mannheim website.

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