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Registration of International Scholars at the Welcome Center

Information for the chairs and institutes

Gaining new perspectives on the familiar field of research and learning about innovative approaches to teaching: There are numerous reasons for the University of Mannheim to invite international researchers to the Schloss. The Welcome Center provides comprehensive support for the chairs and institutes in caring for international scholars. The team of the Welcome Center is happy to assist international researchers in all non-academic issues - regardless of whether they relocate to Mannheim for a long-term employment at the University of Mannheim or stay for just a few months.

Important: We kindly ask all chairs and institutes to register your international researchers by completing the following short registration form: 

Betreuungsauftrag Welcome Center (only available in German)

Please notify the Welcome Center well ahead of the envisaged stay or employment as the visa application process and finding accommodation in the Guesthouse, in particular, require a lead time of at least three months. As soon as the Welcome Center has received the registration form, we will begin supporting you and the international scholar in all non-academic matters - even long before his or her arrival and/or the beginning of employment.

When international scholars are being employed or appointed to professorship at the University of Mannheim, the Welcome Center is in close dialog with the Human Resources division, in order to settle issues such as residence permits and visa as well as social security requirements.

As a first step, the Welcome Center will ask the registered international scholar to complete a concise check-in questionnaire. This will help the consultants for international scholars of the Welcome Center to better adapt their services to their clients’ individual needs.

If housing in the Guesthouse of the Welcome Center is requested, the Welcome Center's Guesthouse Administrator will contact you and the registered international scholar to arrange for that. In case that no apartment is available in the Guesthouse, the Welcome Center will support the international scholar in finding accommodation on the private rental market.

In recent years, we have welcomed many international PhD students, researchers and faculty members from all over the world at our chair. The Welcome Center helped us plenty of times with their amazing support, covering anything from relocation and visa issues through to advice on social security and health insurance. My international guests, team members, and myself have always been delighted by how helpful (and incredibly kind!) Claudius and his team are. This is a great asset for our university and gives a great first impression to our guests. Way to go!

Prof. Simone Paolo Ponzetto, Professor of Enterprise Data Analysis from Milan (Italy) / Photo credit: Andreas Bayerl