DeStip² Network of the University of Mannheim

We are Timo Böhme (Master's in Mathematics in Business and Economics), Lena Komninos (Teacher Education: English and Political Science), Regina Klovznyk (Mannheim Master in Management), Tom Könemann, Mario Mutschall, Marcel Zeidler and Laura Prosen (Law), students at the University of Mannheim.

For a few years now, we have been taking care of the Deutschland Scholarship network for scholarship holders at the university – the DeStip² Network. Our goal is to connect the scholarship holders with each other and with different scholarship sponsors and thus to strengthen the idealistic component of the scholarship program. We put this into practice through factory tours, workshops and (digital) lectures on the one hand, and through sports activities, regulars' tables as well as joint visits of cultural institutions and events on the other.

Highlights of recent semesters have included workshops on financial subjects, visits to art galleries, pub quizzes and, especially during the pandemic, digital activities such as the creation of exchange groups based on cultural and social interests.

What we especially appreciate about these activities is that they always provide opportunities to make contacts outside of the ordinary university routine, for example between students of different disciplines as well as classes, or with companies and foundations in the region.

For this reason, we welcome all interested scholarship holders or sponsors who would like to participate.

You can contact us through the scholarship management or by sending us an e-mail.