My involvement in the FUSO.MA e.V. student organization

My name is Eva-Maria Link, I’m 24 years old and in my third semester of the master’s program Culture and Economy with the subjects Spanish and Business Administration. Since September 2018, I’ve been involved in the FUSO.MA e.V. student organization.

The abbreviation of our non-profit club stands for “Forum für Unternehmen und soziale Organisationen in Mannheim” (“Forum for companies and social organizations in Mannheim”). The club was founded in 2017. Our goal is to strengthen the link between the economy, non-profit and science sectors in the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region and thus create better conditions for sustainable cooperations between companies and clubs.

Together with our team of students from various disciplines, we organize events where actors can meet and exchange ideas on an equal footing. We offer various formats such as discussion events, workshops and talks, providing an exchange platform for topics such as impact orientation, forms of cooperation or the UN sustainable development goals.

Engaging in our team during your studies is a great possibility to create something together that adds value to society. At the same time, it allows us students to test our own interests and skills. At FUSO.MA, I was able to e.g. create newsletters and social media posts, expand our network with companies and clubs, prepare the content of events and moderate them, and participate in a livestream. In addition, I have learned a lot about Corporate Social Responsibility, the non-profit sector and sustainability. Valuable competencies for your future career are also promoted, such as the ability to work in a team, flexibility, or individual initiative.

However, one thing I learned very quickly at FUSO.MA: We are capable of more than we typically give ourselves credit for. A few years ago, I never thought I would moderate a workshop or a panel discussion or organize a digital event, but the team cohesion and working towards the same goal help to get out of your own comfort zone and take on new challenges. On the one hand, the Deutschland Scholarship gives me me the financial freedom I need to engage in this initiative. On the other hand, it is a recognition which motivates me to further deepen my commitment. Therefore, I have been the chair of FUSO.MA since February 2020 and thus take on more responsibility.

My involvement with FUSO.MA has given me a whole new perspective on Mannheim and the Rhine-Neckar region: The large number of committed companies, clubs, social entrepreneurs, public administrations and chairs is inspiring and shows that social challenges can be overcome together.