Covid-19 Special Rules

Access to the sports facilities

The access to the sports facilities is subject to the daily valid regulations of the Corona Protection Ordinance. Currently, access is only possible for:

  • Recovered: a medical certificate stating that Covid-19 infection (confirmed via PCR test) occurred at least 28 days and no more than 6 months ago
  • Vaccinated: proof of full vaccination protection by means of vaccination documentation
  • Tested: daily negative COVID-19 rapid test. The test must be done at a doctor's office, pharmacy, or official citizen testing center and must be no more than 24 hours old. The test result must be certified in printed or digital form. Self-tests are not valid.

3G-Proof/safe and simplified check-in
To simplify the check-in process, you can now store your 3G status in our system. This way you don't have to show your 3G status every time you check in. Participation in this procedure is voluntary, but we ask you to make use of it, as it will help us to improve the check-in process and security. This process does not provide any information about the type of 3G proof, it only records that 3G proof has been provided and how long it is valid.

Observe distance rules – avoid physical contact
On the premises of the Institute of Sport and in the sports facilities, a minimum distance of 1.50 m from other people must be maintained at all times. Clearly visible markings provide the necessary orientation. There is no need to shake hands, give a high five, hold in your arms, etc.

Medical mouth and nose protection
There is an obligation to wear a medical mouth and nose protection on all traffic routes within the buildings, in corridors, staircases and elevators as well as on the way to the training area or the playing field. It can be taken off during sports practice. It must also be worn when going to the toilet in the meantime and when leaving the sports facility. Medical mouth and nose protection is defined as surgical masks (preferably certified according to DIN EN 14683:2019-10) or respiratory protection that meets the requirements of standards FFP2 (DIN EN 149:2001), KN95, N95 or a comparable standard.

Observe hygiene rules – disinfection of hands when entering and leaving the sports facility
When entering and leaving the sports facility, hands must be disinfected. Hand and disinfectant dispensers are available for this purpose. Touching the face with the hands should be avoided. The prescribed cough and sneeze label must be observed.

Only healthy exercise
Participants who show symptoms of respiratory tract infection or increased temperature or who have had contact with a person infected with SARS-CoV-2 are not allowed to enter the sports grounds and are not allowed to participate in the sports course.

The ventilation systems in the institute's sports facilities are operated with 100% outside or fresh air. In addition, the rooms are ventilated regularly, at least once per hour for several minutes as shock ventilation.

Information signs
Signs are clearly visible and indicate the protective measures.

Stay in the sports facilities
Access to and stay in the sports facilities of the institute is only allowed with a valid booking 15 minutes before, during and 5 minutes after the training. After the start of the course, no access is possible. The sports facilities of the institute must be left immediately after the end of the sports program, observing the minimum distance. In general pay attention to the minimum distance of 1,50 m.

Limitation of the number of participants
For each offer the number of participants is fixed and limited by the booking. Participation is only possible through prior registration at

The check-in takes place with the booking confirmation of the ticket via the scanner of the “check-in” PC located at the counter. Without ticket no access to the sports facilities.

Changing rooms and showers remain closed – go to training in sports clothes
The use of showers and changing rooms is not allowed, only the walk to the toilet and sink is possible. Participants should come to the training already changed and with clean change shoes. A zone for changing shoes is available. In the health center E7, you must bring a mattress or a towel (beach towel size) which covers the entire body area. For outdoor activities we recommend to bring your own drinks and sunscreen if necessary. There is a ban on glass bottles in the sports facilities.

Use of toilets
Toilets are accessible during the training and may be used by a maximum of one person. It is also compulsory to wear a mouth-nose cover if you go to the toilet in the meantime.

Equipment disinfection
Equipment must be disinfected by you before and after use. Surface disinfectant is available.

Sports equipment, such as mats, Thera-belts or similar small devices, whose contact surfaces are difficult to disinfect, are not provided. If necessary, please bring your own equipment.

Booked course places should be cancelled in time if the offer cannot be taken up.

Acting responsibly
The sustainable implementation of the offer stands and falls with the considerate and responsible actions of all participants. We are urgently dependent on the assistance of all, especially in complying with the special rules. The instructions of our employees and trainers must always be followed. Otherwise, participants must be excluded from the sports program or the sports operation must be completely discontinued.

Leaving the sports facilities
At the end of the training, the participants are required to disinfect their hands one after the other and to leave the sports facility quickly and individually with the necessary minimum distance.


In our gym, the following points must be observed in addition to the hygiene measures already mentioned:

Limitation of the number of participants'
Access to our D2 FitnessGym is only possible with prior booking of a training slot and proof of recovery, vaccination or a daily negative test result. You can find more information under D2 Fitnessgym.


Stay in the studio
Only registered persons can train, there is currently no possibility of a guided trial training. The studio is to be left immediately after the end of the training, observing the minimum distance.

Changing rooms and showers – Come dressed for training
We ask you to come to the training already dressed and to leave the studio as such. A zone for changing shoes is available. A zone for changing shoes is available.

Use of the toilets
Toilets are accessible during the training and may be used by a maximum of one person. For the way to and from the toilet there is an obligation to cover your mouth and nose.