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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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    Participation in University Sports

  • Who can participate?

    Students of the University of Mannheim as well as students of the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, the Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences, the DHBW Mannheim and the University of Music are generally entitled to participate in university sports with a valid student card.

    In addition, the following groups of persons can participate in university sports after booking a SportsCard:


    Fan Club of University Sports (members)

    Fröbel Seminar (members)

    GESIS (employees)

    HdBA Mannheim (Students)

    Mannheim University of Applied Sciences (employees)

    Mannheim Business School (Students & Employees)

    Popakademie Mannheim (Students)

    Students and doctoral candidates from other universities

    University of Heidelberg (Students & Employees): students /employees of the University of Heidelberg are kindly asked to register online in order to purchase the Sports Card. In order to register, you will need a passwort that is sent to you, once you have shown your valid student-ID (either in person during the opening hours at the Insitute of Sports or via mail at with a scan of your student-ID).

    University of Mannheim (employees, relatives, lecturers & guest lecturers)

    University of Mannheim Service und Marketing GmbH (Members)

    Centre for European Economic Research (staff)

  • What is the SportsCard and when do I need one?

    Students of the University of Mannheim, the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, the Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences, the DHBW Mannheim and the University of Music are generally entitled to participate in university sports with a valid student card and do not require a SportsCard.

    Other interested persons need a SportsCard to participate in university sports and can book it online - provided that they belong to one of the affiliated institutions (see above).

    The SportsCard can be booked at any time and is valid until the end of each semester (please note the semester times of the University of Mannheim!), there is no automatic contract extension.

    The Sportscard cannot be transferred to others.

    Please notice that the booking of a SportsCard with costs is binding and therefore impossible to be refunded.

  • How much does participation cost?

    Students of the University of Mannheim, the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, the Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences, the DHBW Mannheim and the University of Music are entitled to participate in university sports free of charge, as the costs are borne by the respective university.

    Other interested persons need a SportsCard to participate in university sports and can book it online - provided they belong to one of the affiliated institutions (see “Who can participate?”).

    The fees for booking the SportsCard vary depending on the institution. Depending on the respective institution, these fees will be paid in part or in full by the cooperation partners.


  • Can I also participate as a student of other colleges/universities?

    If the capacities of the events or offers permit, students and doctoral candidates from other universities who are not part of the cooperating universities can also be admitted.

    By presenting your valid certificate of enrolment, you can purchase a special SportsCard during the opening hours of the Institute for Sport (for a fee of €70.00 per semester).

    Alternatively, you can also book the SportsCard online with a password - for this purpose, send your current certificate of enrolment by e-mail to and we will inform you of the password after you have successfully passed the verification.

    We would like to point out that we reserve the right to start registering for individual offers at a later date and/or to charge an increased course fee or to stop selling tickets as soon as capacity limits are reached.

    Are you studying abroad? If you are enrolled at one of the partner universities of the University of Mannheim, you can purchase the SportsCard for students and doctoral students of other universities as described above.

    Alternatively, you can participate by becoming a member of the university sports fan club and purchasing a corresponding SportsCard.

  • Can I participate as a guest auditor?

    For guest auditors, participation in university sport is only possible through membership in the fan club of university sport and the purchase of a corresponding SportsCard.


  • Can I participate as a lecturer or guest lecturer at the University of Mannheim?

    Yes, lecturers and guest lecturers of the University of Mannheim can book a SportsCard  online and thus participate in the sports program.

  • I have no connection to the university environment - can I still participate?

    Yes, participation in university sports is possible by becoming a member of the university sports fan club and purchasing a corresponding SportsCard.

    Membership in the University Sports Fan Club is basically reserved for students and graduates of a university degree.

  • Is there a minimum age for participation?

    The prerequisite for participation in university sport is the completion of 17 years.

    Minors must submit a written declaration of consent from their parents or legal guardians to the Institut für Sport prior to participation.

  • My student status changes during an ongoing membership/course, what do I have to do?

    Any change in participant status must be notified immediately in writing to the institute of sports.



  • Do I have to register for all sports?

    No. Not every course requires registration.

    You can find out whether you have to register for the course of your interest in the sports program (flyer or on the website).

  • How does online registration work?

    First of all, search for your desired sport from our current sports offer A-Z.

    In addition to information on the day, time, location and price of the event, you will find a button in the right-hand column of the table with which you can make a binding booking for this offer.

    If you want to book, click on this button with the inscription “book”. If the button is not “green”, no booking is possible at the moment. If necessary, the button will appear in “red” with the inscription “waiting list”, on which you can then register - a direct booking is not yet possible in this case.

    If you can book the course, please fill in the booking form with your data, to which you will be forwarded.

    Students need their matriculation number to prove their status, university employees their official telephone number.

    Your address and account details are also required for the direct debit procedure as well as your e-mail address.

    Please read our registration and participation conditions and confirm that you agree with them.

    Then click on the button “proceed to booking”.

    The next step is to check that your details are correct. If all data is correct, confirm this with a click on “binding booking”.

    In the next window you will see your booking confirmation and the form for the direct debit procedure. The booking confirmation is considered a participation ticket and, together with proof of membership in your status group (student ID, employee ID, etc.) and a valid photo ID, entitles you to participate in the sports activities booked. You must have this ready and show it on paper or on your mobile phone when you take part in the course.

    The form for the direct debit procedure must be signed and submitted to the Institute for Sport.

    You will receive the same registration confirmation a second time by e-mail with a link where you can view and print your booking confirmation (participation ticket) for a few more days.

    If you lose your participation ticket and can no longer find it online, please contact our staff at the Institute of Sports.


  • When can I enrol for weekly courses or free playing times?

    Registration for courses that require weekly registration (e.g. Yoga, PoleFitness, etc.) as well as the booking of tennis courts or free playing times (ADS, beach volleyball, badminton) is possible one week in advance (based on the time of course start).

    Example: Ashtanga Yoga, Tuesdays at 20:30 is always bookable Tuesdays from 20:30:01 for the following week.

  • How can I submit my SEPA mandate?

    You can send the signed SEPA mandate to us via various channels:

    •     Scan by mail to
    •     personally in the office during opening hours
    •     Posting in the letterbox in D2 or at the office


  • What does it mean when I'm on the waiting list? What happens next?

    If you are on the waiting list, you will be notified by e-mail as soon as a place for the course is available again.

    This notification will be sent to all waiting students (on the waiting list). The free place can then be booked online again - first come, first serve!

  • Can I cancel a course myself?

    Chargeable courses

    Here you cannot unsubscribe yourself. Please contact the IfS:

    Cancellation is free of charge up to 14 days after your registration - provided that the course/offer has not yet started. After the deadline has expired or after the course has started, we have to charge a processing fee of 10€ for the cancellation.

    Free courses

    For some courses you can cancel your registration up to one hour before the start of the course and release the course place. You will find a cancellation link in the e-mail with the course confirmation.

    If this is not the case, please cancel your booking via Mail at

  • Is it possible to alter course bookings?

    If you would like to change a course, this is only possible within the framework of existing capacities and must be applied personally at IfS. The fee paid for your originally booked course will be deducted from the new fee. If the amount of the new offer is higher, the difference between the fee already paid and the fee for the newly booked sports offer will be due when you book. In addition, a processing fee of € 10.00 will be charged.

  • How do I pay for the individual courses/memberships for the gyms?

    All fees will be debited from your account by direct debit. For this purpose it is necessary to fill in the SEPA mandate with your data (IBAN, etc.) and submit it to the IfS. Please don't use credit cards, these are not supported by the system.

    Another payment method (e.g. cash, ecUM card, bank transfer, etc.) is not possible.

    Foreign students who do not own a European bank account should contact the Office.

  • Can I still register during the semester?

    Registration is possible for the fitness studios at any time. The running times here are independent of the semester times of the University of Mannheim.

    The special registration requirements for the individual courses vary with regard to the requirements and capacity utilisation of the sports facilities. You can check whether you can register for your desired course during the semester on the website under Booking for the course. If this is possible, a booking button will appear in “green”.

  • My data (bank details, address, etc.) have changed, what do I have to do?

    The Institute must be notified immediately in writing of any changes to the participant data.



  • When will the new sports programme be available?

    The sports programme for the following semester is always available for download on our website approx. 14 days before the start of lectures.

    On the online page “Program A-Z” the new courses can be seen on the corresponding Friday before the start of lectures at 7 pm. From this time on it will also be possible to register for the courses.

  • When and how do I get informed if a course is taking place or not? (e.g. in case of bad weather)

    Basically, if the course is listed in the sports section today, the course will take place, if not, then not.

    For all outdoor courses: if a course is cancelled spontaneously due to illness, bad weather, etc., there is a corresponding note at the top of the IfS homepage.

    We have the right to communicate a very short-term cancellation for all other courses or to send an e-mail to the participants for courses that require registration. However, we ask for your understanding that this is not possible in a few individual cases due to the large number of daily courses outside our business hours.

  • Do courses take place during the (Easter) holidays?

    Basically there are no courses during the holiday breaks and on special holidays. In exceptional cases, selected courses may take place. The latest information can be found on the website under Sports Today.

    D2 FitnessGym as well as the tennis and beachvolleyball courts are generally available during holidays.

  • Is there a sports program during the semester break?

    There is a reduced sports program during the semester break, which can be downloaded from the IfS homepage.

  • Am I insured for the courses?

    Students of the following institutions:

    DHBW Mannheim

    Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences

    Mannheim University of Applied Sciences

    Mannheim State Academy of Music and Performing Arts

    University of Heidelberg

    University of Mannheim

    are insured against accidents within the framework of university sport.

    However, the insurance cover only applies to bodily injuries. Material damage (e.g. glasses or similar) is excluded.

    Not included in the insurance cover is the free sporting activity outside the organised training activities of the Institute of Sports (e.g. free play groups, free exercise, free tennis, individual training in the fitness and strength studio). In the case of courses run by other organisers which are only taught by university sports, the participants themselves are responsible for their own insurance cover. It is therefore advisable to take out accident, health and luggage insurance and travel or course cancellation insurance. Furthermore, it is recommended that all participants in university sports take out private liability insurance to cover claims for personal injury or property damage caused by third parties.

  • Can I take a trial lesson for paid courses?

    In our fitness studios a free trial training (D2 / 55) is possible at any time.

    In addition, a trial lesson is only possible at the following courses:

    dance courses

    eishockey practice



    For all other courses we cannot offer a trial lesson.

    Other / Contact

  • Can I apply for a job at the Institute of Sports?

    Our sports programme has the motto “From students for students” and we are always on the lookout for new, committed trainers.

    We are looking forward to your application!

  • Can I rent university sports facilities for my own purposes?

    The sports facilities can only be rented for purposes other than university sports by facilities of the University of Mannheim as well as student councils and initiatives of the Mannheim University Region.


  • What happens to lost property?

    Lost and found items in the sports facilities E7, D2 and 55 are deposited at the counter and can be picked up there again.

    In the university hall and in C7 there are special boxes in which the lost and found objects are stored, please ask the trainer.

    Lost property is kept until the end of the semester.

    If you have forgotten something on our open spaces (Alfred-Delp-Sportanalage / tennis courts), please contact your trainer or take the next opportunity to look for yourself on the court.

    If you have forgotten something in the school sports halls, please contact the caretaker there, or visit the hall yourself at one of the following IfS course times.

    As a rule, lost property is not handed in/stored in the IfS Office. Should you not have found what you are looking for in the sports facilities themselves, please contact for safety reasons.

  • Can I purchase a stamp for my health insurance company's bonus booklet?

    You can get a stamp, which only confirms your participation in general university sports, at the office during the regular opening hours. We cannot issue separate certifications such as nutrition, swimming, gymnastics, yoga or similar courses.

    Please note, that we cannot send any confirmations via postal delivery.

  • The FAQs do not help me. Who can I contact?

    We are happy to help you with more specific questions.

    Simply send an e-mail to or call +49 621 18 13 41 9. The office is open Monday to Thursday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 noon.