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55 Cross Gym

Our new Cross Athletic Studio “55 Cross Gym” opened at Ulmenweg 55. It is located in the midst of the student settlement Ludwig Frank and is accessible by bus RNV60 or tram RNV4/4a easily.

We offer Cross Athletic training units. These last about one hour. The centerpiece of each unit is the very high-intensity training conducted under instruction (conditioning).

If you enjoy this holistic training under professional guidance, then come to the 55 Cross Gym and work on your individual goals (body tone / lose weight / build strength / get fit). A varied offer and a pleasant atmosphere are waiting for you!

The Cross Athletics gym „55 CrossGym“ is located next to the student residence area at Ulmenweg and can be directly reached from the university by bus RNV60 or by tram RNV4/RNV4a. With a floor area of 600 square meters, the gym provides everything which makes your Cross Athletics heart flutter.

Experience a high-intensity Cross Athletics training program and achieve goals you didn’t expect to achieve beforehand.  Instead of working out at training devices, you use your own body weight or free weights such as barbells, kettlebells or medicine balls. A warm-up in the beginning of a session is followed by specific exercises to improve skill and strength. The core of each session will then be a high-intensity training, the so-called workout. The workout is built up by a broad variety of exercises from different sports, such as athletics, weightlifting or gymnastics. The workout will be conducted in small groups under the supervision of an experienced trainer. Each workout consists of different fitness aspects and is based on functional and high-intensity exercises.

The content of the workouts changes on a weekly basis. The daily workout takes about one hour and is similar to everybody, whether you are beginner or advanced athlete. Each workout is performed under high intensity and is scaled in order to fit everybody’s individual level. This makes you compete with others, pushes your limits and enables celebrating great victories in the end. The goal is to either complete as many reps or as many rounds as possible within a given time, such as 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats, which are repeated as often as possible within 20 minutes.

Once a month we rock the gym at our monthly challenge. The whole equipment is used to shape your body. Pure will. 120 minutes. Everybody in the gym. Even the coaches. No escape. At full throttle!

In order to train in our gyms D2 FitnessGym and/or 55 CrossGym, the purchase of a FitnessCard is required. In case you’re interested, you’ll get the chance to try out both gyms for one free trial session in order to decide which gym to use prospecitvely. That’s how you make sure to have a perfect start in Mannheim!

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