D2 Tariff Overview

You have done without a lot during the fight against the pandemic. Not only socially, but also financially due to the loss of many student jobs. For us, too, the past year was marked by uncertainties in the planning and implementation of our sports program. The current Corona ordinance contains a phased plan, based on which we believe we can work well in the coming months. Nevertheless, we will only be able to start studio operations on a very limited basis. For this reason, you will no longer need a GymCard to visit our popular gym for the time being; rather, you will receive free access to the gym until further notice. GymCards that have already been paid in full will remain dormant and will be extended by the exact amount of time that will eventually result. In addition, we offer you a pro-rata refund of the GymCard price you have already paid. We believe we are offering two fair options. In case of a refund please write us an email to sport The SportsCard, which is basically necessary to participate in our sports offers, remains exempt from this. We would like to make a small compensation with this unique offer.

Tariff for Students

Duration/Month 55+D2 GymCard All Day 55+D2 GymCard Early Bird
1 month 19 €/mth. 14 €/mth.
3 months 18 €/mth. 13 €/mth.
6 months 16 €/mth. 12 €/mth.
12 months 14 €/mth. 9,90 €/mth.
card of 10 30 € 20 €

Club Tariff

Duration/Month 55+D2 GymCard All Day 55+D2 GymCard Early Bird
6 months 25 €/mth. 16 €/mth.
12 months 22 €/mth. 15 €/mth.