Photo credit: Christos Sidiropoulos

D2 FitnessGym

The D2 FitGym is centrally located in the square D2 in Mannheim’s city center. With a floor area of 800 square meters, the gym provides a cardio area, guided training devices, an artificial turf, a TRX corner and an area for free training.

In order to train in our gyms D2 FitGym and/or 55 CrossGym, the purchase of a FitnessCard is required. In case you’re interested, you’ll get the chance to try out both gyms for one free trial session in order to decide which gym to use prospecitvely. That’s how you make sure to have a perfect start in Mannheim!

In the beginning, we introduce you to the training devices and give an overview on the basic elements for the subsequent workout. We moreover offer a free personal training session including the compilation of an individual training schedule. As nutrition plays an important role as well, we even offer a nutrition counselling which is free of charge.

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