Covid-19 Special Rules

as of April 2, most of the federal and state infection control requirements have expired. A 3G certificate is no longer required to visit the Institute's sports facilities. In addition, masks are no longer required inside the sports facilities.

We strongly recommend that all users continue to keep their distance, wear an FFP2 or medical mask on walkways, and test regularly. The general hygiene rules of the University of Mannheim continue to apply in the sports facilities and sports areas operated and used by the Institute of Sports. We ask for compliance with the following hygiene rules:

Disinfection of hands when entering and leaving the sports facility: Please disinfect your hands when entering and leaving the sports facility. Hand disinfectant dispensers are available for this purpose. In addition, we ask that the cough and sneeze labels be observed.

Only exercise in good health: Participants exhibiting symptoms of a respiratory infection or high temperature are prohibited from entering the athletic field or participating in the course.

Access regulations for sports courses: For offerings in course format, the number of participants is fixed and limited by a reservation. Participation is only possible after prior booking. Without a valid booking confirmation, access to the sports facility will be denied.

Changing rooms and showers: The use of changing rooms and showers is possible in compliance with the minimum distance of 1.50 m to other persons. We ask the participants not to stay unnecessarily long in the changing rooms and showers. We also recommend that you come to the training already dressed and with a change of shoes. A zone for changing shoes is available.

Ventilation: The ventilation systems in the Institute's sports facilities are operated with 100% outside or fresh air. In addition, the rooms are ventilated regularly, at least once per hour for several minutes as shock ventilation.

Equipment and equipment disinfection: we recommend bringing your own gym mat and a large towel if possible, and used equipment and devices must be disinfected after use.

Act responsibly: The sustainable implementation of the offer stands and falls with the considerate and responsible actions of all participants. We are urgently dependent on the assistance of all. The instructions of our employees and trainers must always be followed.

Status: 04/04/2022