Policies of Sauna in E7

1. Eligibility
Only persons eligible for university sports at the University of Mannheim are allowed access to the venues. A proof of eligibility has to be shown unprompted to instructors and/or supervisors. Persons with health problems should check with their MD beforehand whether the sauna poses a threat to their health.

2. Opening Hours
The sauna is open mondays to thursdays 5pm to 9:30pm, fridays from 6pm to 8pm. The use of a sauna strengthens the immune system and offers relaxation. Blood circulation in skin and body is promoted, physical resilience is enhanced and colds may be prevented. 

3. Fees (online booking only, no cash, no ecUM card)
Ticket of Ten: EUR 20

4. Clothes/ Hygiene
The sauna is a nude/textile-free area. 
The sauna ought to be used with a towel appropriate for one’s height. The wooden planks are not to be soiled with sweat, technical equipment of the sauna (like heaters, protective grids, sensors) have to be kept free at all times. Please refrain from loud conversations,  scraping off sweat, brushing, and scratching so as not to disturb the other visitors.

5. Sauna Infusion
Only personnel is allowed to do the infusion.

6. Proper Use
Visitors are responsible for intentional or negligent damages in the venue as well as for other damaged they caused. Bringing and/or consuming alcoholic beverages, the use of any electronic devices as well as smoking is forbidden in the whole Sauna facility.

7. Women’s Day
On Wednesdays the sauna is women only.

8. Domiciliary Right
The domiciliary right over E7 is exercised by the institution or a supervisor/instructor in charge. The supervisors’/ instrcutors’ orders have to be followed. Violations against the rules can result in exclusion from further participation. The staff personnel is allowed to expel anyone, who undermines our safety, silence and regulation standards and/or troubles other guests.

9. Infringement
In case of violation against these usage regulations, the operator does not accept any liability.