Sport Venues

Here you can find an overview of our sports facilities. Under “Sports A-Z” or “Program today”   you can check daily which offers take place.

  • D2 FitnessGym

    Our gym is located in the square D2, a three-minute-walk away from the Schloss. The gym in D2 offers various equipment for cardio, Strength equipment and machines and an area for free training. Prior to use of the facilities participants ought to purchase a GymCard. The Institute of Sports recommends taking the course “Introduction to Equipment” which is offered free of charge. The Institute of Sports also offers personal training lessons where you'll receive an individualized training schedule suited to your goals.

    D2 FitnessGym

    D 2, 5–8, 2. OG

    68159 Mannheim

    Phone: 0621 / 18 14 31 30

    E-Mail: dzwei

  • 55 CrossGym

    Our new Cross Athletic Studio “55 Cross Gym” opened at Ulmenweg 55. It is located in the midst of the student settlement Ludwig Frank and is accessible by bus RNV60 or tram RNV4/4a easily.

    We offer Cross Athletic training units. These last about one hour. The centerpiece of each unit is the very high-intensity training conducted under instruction (conditioning).

    If you enjoy this holistic training under professional guidance, then come to the 55 Cross Gym and work on your individual goals (body tone / lose weight / build strength / get fit). A varied offer and a pleasant atmosphere are waiting for you!

    The Cross Athletics gym „55 CrossGym“ is located next to the student residence area at Ulmenweg and can be directly reached from the university by bus RNV60 or by tram RNV4/RNV4a. With a floor area of 600 square meters, the gym provides everything which makes your Cross Athletics heart flutter.

    Experience a high-intensity Cross Athletics training program and achieve goals you didn’t expect to achieve beforehand.  Instead of working out at training devices, you use your own body weight or free weights such as barbells, kettlebells or medicine balls. A warm-up in the beginning of a session is followed by specific exercises to improve skill and strength. The core of each session will then be a high-intensity training, the so-called workout. The workout is built up by a broad variety of exercises from different sports, such as athletics, weightlifting or gymnastics. The workout will be conducted in small groups under the supervision of an experienced trainer. Each workout consists of different fitness aspects and is based on functional and high-intensity exercises.

    55 CrossGym

    Ulmenweg 55

    68167 Mannheim


  • Yoga Center C7

    Yoga, sounds like meditation, silence, patience, balance…. all of them aspects, that often are not valued enough during a students’ hectic everyday life. However, especially in stressful times, it is important to consciously slow down a gear or two, focus on yourself and for this moment, try to not to think of all the things that bother you currently. Yoga helps you to relay and find inner calm, which helps both your body and soul.

    In our yoga studio in C7,12 we’ve created a place with a lot of space and time for harmony and well-being. The rooms painted in sunshine-yellow radiate a warm, sunny atmosphere and there is plenty of blankets and pillows to help you get fast into your personal slow-down-mode. The entrance is located in the back yard, right door and on the first floor.

    Yogacentre C7

    C7, 12, 1. OG

    68159 Mannheim

  • Health Center E7

    E7 is situated on the edge of the Quadrate, around ten minutes away from the Schloss and five minutes walking distance from Paradeplatz. The key role of our health center is to encourage movement, sports and health. E7 offers a variety of courses from monday to sunday like Pilates, Thai Bo, Power Move, Step Aerobic, dance classes and courses geared towards prevention and health like back exercises or Yoga.

    Health Centre E7

    E7, 1–3 (through the archway in the backyard)

    68159 Mannheim

    Phone: 0621 / 12 80 71 10

  • Alfred-Delp Sports facility in Friedrichspark

    The Alfred-Delp-sports-facility offers the University Sports the possibility for supervised games in the sports of basketball, soccer, beach volleyball, beach soccer and beach handball. Besides, students, especially student groups like initiatives, university groups, student councils, but also chairs, can rent the sport fields individually for some hours.

    As far as the weather allows it, the fields are open as follows:

    2 pm – 11 pm

    Saturday, Sunday and holidays:
    8 am – 10 pm

    Due to the Covid 19 pandemic and depending on the currently valid Corona regulation, the use of the Alfred Delp sports facility is currently prohibited or severely restricted. We inform on our homepage or in our social media channels continuously about the situation.

    Alfred-Delp-Sports Facility

    Bismarckstraße 6

    68161 Mannheim

    (opposite A5 and Parkring; near the ice stadium)

  • Tennis Courts at Schlossgarten

    Outdoor tennis courses take place on the clay courts in the Schlossgarten. The courts are just a five-minute-walk away from the Schloss, four courts are available for booking. Please book your court online if you're a participant of university sports.  During summer season you can play there Monday to Friday from 7 am until 11 pm (also on public  holidays).

    You can also book tennis lessons in groups of at most 6 participants or individual lessons with a personal trainer.

    Due to the Covid 19 pandemic and depending on the currently valid Corona regulation, the use of the Tennis Courts at Schlossgarten is currently prohibited or severely restricted. We inform on our homepage or in our social media channels continuously about the situation.

    Tennis Courts at Schlossgarten

    68163 Mannheim

  • Unisporthalle at Theodor-Heuß-Anlage

    The University of Mannheim's own sports hall (“Unisporthalle der Theodor-Heuß-Anlage”) is located near the Carl-Benz-Stadion in the east of Mannheim, close to Luisenpark, Technoseum and Augustaanlage. The Unisporthalle is easily accessible by bike, car or the tramway 6 (stop “Technoseum”).

    The hall itself can be divided into three courts, courses offered are mainly team sports like basketball, volleyball, handball, badminton, and futsal.

    Unisporthalle at Theodor-Heuss-Anlage 15

    68165 Mannheim

    Phone: 0621 / 41 61 27

  • Assignment plans for the sports facilities

    The occupancy status of frequently used sports facilities can be viewed here:

    Sports facilities of the University of Mannheim

    Alfred-Delp-Sportanlage im Friedrichspark Beachplatz

    Alfred-Delp-Sportanlage im Friedrichspark Hartplatz

    Fitness- und Kraftstudio D2

    Gesundheitszentrum E7 oben

    Gesundheitszentrum E7 unten

    Halle Ulmenweg

    Sandplätze im Schlossgarten, Rheinpromenade

    Tanzzentrum C7

    Unisporthalle an der Theodor-Heuss-Anlage

    Yogazentrum C7

    Sports facilities of the City of Mannheim

    Halle Ursulinen-Gymnasium, A 4

    Sporthalle Schwetzingerstadt, Keplerstr.

    Sportplatz Schnickenloch, Rheinpromenade

    Sports facilities of the School Office Mannheim

    Halle Fröbel-Seminar

    Halle Mozartschule

    Halle IGMH

    Please note that in the school gyms there is no sports activity during the school holidays. The school holidays can be seen here.