Recognition of Coursework and Examinations after a Semester Abroad

Immediate measure to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus:

The office will be available by e-mail only until further notice. Currently, the ZPA does not accept mail. Please scan or take a picture of your requests and send them to us with your official university e-mail address. Please check your university e-mail regularly. For more information, please refer to the relevant contacts. We apologize for any delays that may occur in the coming weeks.

Please make sure to read the information and instructions of the University of Mannheim regularly.

After your stay abroad, you should discuss with your departmental exchange coordinator which courses you were actually able to take abroad and which can be recognized. You must then submit a request for the recognition of your credits obtained abroad to the office of the Central Examination Committee (ZPA). 

Check list for your request for the recognition of credits obtained abroad

  • Complete and sign the request form

    Complete the forms legibly. The originals of the agreements must be signed and stamped by the responsible departmental area representatives/ departmental exchange coordinator. Provide your current address, sign and date the request.

  • Attach original transcript of records from your host institution

    We need the transcript of records in the original (i.e. signed and stamped by the issuing institution) or verified by the International Office (i.e. signed and stamped, in case that the transcript of records was only sent as a PDF file, for example).

  • Attach confirmation of submission of your report / free mover status

    • You can download the confirmation of submission of the report from the Mobility-Online portal of the International Office as soon as your report has been received and reviewed.
    • The confirmation of the status as a free mover is given by the International Office
  • Submission to the ZPA: via mail / secretary’s office / by using the mailboxes

    You can send us your request via mail, drop it off in our mailbox or submit it in person to our secretary’s office. 

    Via mail
    If you want to send us your request via mail, please use the postal address of the office of the Central Examination Committee: 

    University of Mannheim
    Office of the Central Examination Committee
    68131 Mannheim

    Mailbox drop-off
    You can find our mailbox at the entrance of: 

    L 9, 7
    68131 Mannheim

    If you mail us your request or drop it off in our mailbox, we will return the original transcript of records to you along with the official notification.

    Secretary’s office
    You can also drop off your request in person at our secretary’s office, e.g. if you do not have any notarized copies of your original documents and urgently need them back. Please only make an appointment for the submission of recognition requests with the advisors, if you have specific questions that have not been covered on this page.

In order to speed up the process, please ensure your request is complete and includes all required information before submitting.

Important information

Examination regulations
Any information provided on these pages is based on the respective examination regulations. Only the examination regulations have legal validity.

Transfer of grades to the portal
You will get an official notification of the recognition by mail. The Student Services II team will automatically receive a duplicate and include the recognized credits in the transcript of records of the University of Mannheim. Depending on the capacities, delays may occur. Therefore, please refrain from inquiring at the Student Services II for up to approximately four weeks after receiving the official notification.

Grade conversion tables 
Grades obtained abroad are converted using the current conversion tables of the University of Mannheim (see the ILIAS platform). Register on ILIAS as usual using your user ID, search for the course “Umrechnungstabellen für das Auslandsstudium” (“Conversion tables for grades obtained abroad”) and join it: Here, you will find current information on the conversion of grades provided by the examination committee of the Business School. Please read the information and refer to the relevant tables.

Reference to the General Statutes of Fees of the University of Mannheim
Please take note of section 3 subsection 2 of the General Statutes of Fees of the University of Mannheim of 17 May 2006 as amended on 9 December 2013:

For a dismissal of an appeal a fee of up to 1.000 euros but at least 50.00 euros applies depending on the complexity of the case. The same applies in case of a withdrawal of the appeal by the appellant after work on the case has been taken up. In this case a fee of at least 20.00 euros applies as an exception from sentence 1. For less complex cases the fee may be waived.


Matthias Bulenz

Matthias Bulenz

Advisor at the School of Humanities and the School of Social Sciences: Recognition of credits obtained in studies abroad, in another degree program or at another university | DaF/DaZ part-time program
University of Mannheim
Office of the Central Examination Committee
L 9, 7 – Room 312
68161 Mannheim
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