Hossein Nikpayam

Year: 2017

Center: Business

Supervisor: Moritz Fleischmann

Hossein Nikpayam was born in Kermanshah, Iran on July 1991. He graduated in 2014 from the Kharazmi University with a Bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering and subsequently, in 2016 he received his Master of Science degree in again Industrial Engineering from the Sharif University of Technology. His MSc thesis title was “Coordinated Scheduling of Power Systems, Considering Demand Uncertainty”, which was inspired by his work experience, during his MSc studies, as a researcher in the “Niroo Research Institute”, a government financed institute researching in the fields related to power systems optimization. In addition to his studies, he also has the experience of working as a business analyst in “Haseb System Co.”, which is a renowned engineering consultancy firm in Iran.

Research interests:

  • Logistics and Supply Management
  • Robust and Stochastic Optimization
  • Operations Management
  • Game Theory
  • Mechanism Design


  • 2019

    Resource Allocation to New Product Development Projects: Internal vs. External. 30th European Conference on Operational Research
    Dublin, Ireland

Hossein Nikpayam, M.Sc.

Hossein Nikpayam, M.Sc.

University of Mannheim
Schloss – Room SO 227