Christopher Karlsson

Year: 2019

Center: Business

Supervisor: Dirk Simons

Christopher Karlsson was born in München, Germany. In 2017, he received his Bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration from the University of Applied Sciences in Landshut, Germany. During his undergraduate studies, Chris spent two semesters abroad at the Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge. Subsequently, he received his Master’s degree in Business Research with a focus on Accounting from the University of Mannheim. During his studies, Chris gained additional practical insights during two internships at KPMG in Munich and Frankfurt during which he focused on Data Science & Analytics and Financial Services respectively.

Research interests:

  • Voluntary & Mandatory Disclosure
  • Digitalization and data utilization in Accounting





Christopher Karlsson, M.Sc.

Christopher Karlsson, M.Sc.

Research Assistant
University of Mannheim
Sonderforschungsbereichs (SFB) TRR266 „Accounting for Transparency”
German Business Panel
L 9, 7 – Room 217 / 218
68161 Mannheim