Madleen Meier-Barthold

Year: 2019

Center: Business

Supervisor: Torsten Biemann

Madleen Meier-Barthold was born in Detmold, Germany. In 2016, she received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (B.Sc.) from the University of Mannheim, Germany. Subsequently, she joined the Mannheim Master in Management program where she specialized in human resource management and leadership. She graduated with her Master’s degree in Management (M.Sc.) in 2019. During her studies, she spent a semester abroad at BI Norwegian Business School Oslo in Norway and at the University of St. Gallen in Switzerland. Further, she gained practical experience during various internships in the fields of management strategy consulting, innovation and research. In September 2019, Madleen joined the Management Program of the Center of Doctoral Studies in Business at GESS.

Research interests:

  • Methods in management research
  • Effectiveness of (configurations of) HR practices
  • Employee perceptions
  • HR communication
Madleen Meier-Barthold

Madleen Meier-Barthold

University of Mannheim
Business School
Schloss – Room O 235
68161 Mannheim
Consultation hour(s):
upon arrangement