Kristina Zapp

Year: 2015

Center: Economics

Supervisor: Sebastian Siegloch

Kristina was born in 1990 and grew up in Darmstadt, Germany. She studied economics at the University of Mannheim with an exchange semester at Tilburg University and received her B.Sc. in 2012. While writing her bachelor thesis, she developed her research interests in the field of econometrics and applied microeconomics.

In addition, she studied mathematics at the University of Heidelberg. During her studies she focused on statistics and obtained her bachelor’s degree in 2015 with a thesis on asymptotic confidence intervals in high-dimensional linear models.

Kristina has gained experience working as a student research assistant at the Department of Industrial Economics at the Centre for European Economic Research and at the Chair of Labor Economics and Political Economy of Prof. Christina Gathmann at the University of Heidelberg.

Prior to her university studies, she worked in Brussels as a volunteer at Europe’s largest NGO network for energy and climate issues. In her leisure time she enjoys doing sports and is interested in theatre and literature.

Kristina Zapp

Kristina Zapp

Doctoral Student
University of Mannheim