Martin Reinhard

Year: 2017

Center: Economics

Supervisor: Sebastian Siegloch

Martin grew up in Neckargemünd, a small town near Heidelberg. He received his undergraduate degree in economics with a minor in mathematics from University of Mannheim in 2017, and joined the CDSE through the Master of Economic Research track, which he completed with distinction. During his Master studies, he obtained practical experience as a graduate research assistant at ZEW’s Digital Economy department. His research interest lies within the societal consequences of advances in digital technologies, especially with respect to inequality and well-being.

His research is closely linked to labor markets and taxation and redistribution, and beyond, he is very interested in issues related to econometric applications and estimation theory. In his leisure time, Martin enjoys a variety of activities such as cycling, climbing, yoga, cooking and social events.

Martin is currently on leave for an internship at the OECD.

Martin Reinhard

Martin Reinhard

Doctoral Student
University of Mannheim