Two doctoral students are walking out of the courtyard of the B6 building.

Lukas Hack

Year: 2019

Center: Economics

Supervisor: Eckhard Janeba

Lukas was born in 1991 in Germany. In 2016, he obtained a BA in business with focus on hospitality management from the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW). From 2016 until 2018, he completed his BSc in Economics at University of Vienna. Lukas is mainly interested in quantitative macroeconomics with heterogeneous agents. For his bachelor thesis, he developed an agent-based computer simulation to study effects of technological progress on economic inequality. He currently works on a formal overlapping generation model to elicit how income inequality shapes the distribution of wealth in an inter-generational context.

Additionally, he works as a lecturer for applied economic policy at DHBW and as a freelancing programmer. He loves Italian cuisine, wine as well as vinegar and enjoys long walks with his friendly dog.

Lukas Hack

Lukas Hack

Doctoral Student
University of Mannheim
Department of Economics
L 7, 3–5 – Room 226
68161 Mannheim
Consultation hour(s):
by appointment