Sabrina Simone Berres

Year: 2017

Center: Social Sciences

Supervisor: Edgar Erdfelder

Sabrina Berres was born in Erlenbach am Main, Germany. She has been studying psychology at the University of Mannheim since 2012. Besides her studies, she worked as a student research assistant at GESIS – Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences and as an intern at the Chair for Cognitive Psychology and Individual Differences at the University of Mannheim. In her master’s thesis, she investigated the impact of impulsivity and sensation seeking on recognition heuristic use. Her main interest lies in statistical modeling of cognitive processes, particularly in the context of sleep benefits in episodic memory.






Sabrina Berres, M.Sc.

Sabrina Berres, M.Sc.

Doctoral Candidate
University of Mannheim
School of Social Sciences
B 6, 30–32 – Room 317
68159 Mannheim
Phone: +49 621 181-2569
Fax: +49 621 181-3997
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