Moritz Ingendahl

Year: 2019

Center: Social Sciences

Supervisor: Michaela Wänke

Hi, I am Moritz, a PhD student in Psychology at the CDSS. I received my Bachelor's as well as my Master's degree in Psychology from the University of Mannheim. Since 2015, I have worked as a research assistant for the Chair for Consumer Psychology and also as tutor for Quantitative Methods and Biological Psychology.

My research interests can be summarized broadly as Consumer Psychology, Social Cognition, Psychological Methods, and Cognitive Psychology.

Currently I conduct research on:

  • the psychological effects of brand placements in video games on brand attitudes
  • the effects of defaults and social influence in behavioral economics
  • subtle linguistic and phonetic cues
  • the effects of prototypicality on attitudes
  • and some more fun and awesome stuff









Moritz Ingendahl, M.Sc.

Moritz Ingendahl, M.Sc.

University of Mannheim
Chair of Consumer and Economic Psychology
A 5, 6 – Room C 210
68159 Mannheim
Consultation hour(s):
on demand