Daten von Meinungs­forschern sind meist unzulänglich
100 citations in just over two years!
Paper on interviewer effects reaches milestone in Google Scholar
Die Daten der Meinungs­forscher müssen besser werden.
Das Meinungs­bild der Bevölkerung sollte uns die Mühe wert sein.
New open access publication in Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology
A Review of Conceptual Approaches and Empirical Evidence on Probability and Nonprobability Sample Survey Research by Carina Cornesse, Annelies G. Blom, and others
New open access publication in Sociological Methods and Research
Automated Online Collection of Geographical Information by Barbara Felderer and Annelies G. Blom
Jan Karem Höhne back from research stay in the US
After a DAAD-funded three-months research stay at the University of Michigan (USA) Jan Karem Höhne returns to Chair for Data Science.
New publication in International Journal of Social Research Methodology
Investigating the impact of interpretive heuristics on response behavior and data quality by Jan Karem Höhne and Ting Yan
New publication in Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology
Re-examining interpretive heurstics using eye tracking by Jan Karem Höhne, Timo Lenzner, Cornelia Neuert, and Ting Yan
Paper accepted for publication in the Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology (JSSAM)
„Integrating Probability and Nonprobability Samples for Survey Inference“ by Arkadiusz Wiśniowski, Joseph W. Sakshaug, Diego Andres Perez Ruiz and Annelies G. Blom
Voice interviewing project accepted into MZES work program
„Standardized Audio and Voice Interviewing (SAVI): Digital Innovations in Survey Data Collection and Analysis“, a project co-directed by Prof. Blom and Dr. Höhne has been accepted into the MZES work program.